A Summit and a Journey

Renewing your connection to Bryn Mawr offers great rewards.

I am writing this just before returning to Bryn Mawr for the Alumnae Volunteer Summit. For those of you who have never attended, once a year, the College invites to campus those individuals who volunteer for the College in a range of capacities. Over that weekend, typically in September, volunteers attend a variety of workshops as well as social functions. It’s a chance to train newcomers about their roles, ensure that we are utilizing our force of volunteers most effectively in “the field,” and thank the many folks who give of their time and talent to the College.

As I look over the schedule of events for this year’s Volunteer Summit, I am reminded of my own journey to the position in which I serve currently. While being deeply connected to and engaged with Bryn Mawr is incredibly satisfying to me now, that was not always the case. As a younger alum, I was proud of my undergraduate college but didn’t give much thought to the school beyond keeping in touch with friends.

It was not until almost a decade after I graduated, newly living thousands of miles away from campus on the “left coast,” that I discovered there are local clubs across the globe, and I found a very welcoming home in the Los Angeles club, initially helping as an alumnae admissions and a career development representative.

Since that first foray into volunteerism for the College, I have had the pleasure of giving my time to Bryn Mawr in myriad ways. In doing so over the years, I have met a wide range of the most remarkable women, spanning decades of classes, most of whom I would never have had the opportunity to meet but for my volunteer connection to Bryn Mawr. And giving some of my time to the College seems like the least I can do in light of how much the institution gave to me: a fabulous education, a strong sense of myself as a competent and intelligent woman, and a sisterhood that is enviable by any measure.

Bryn Mawr volunteers help to keep the proverbial lights on at the College; I like to think that the place can function fine without us, but perhaps, just perhaps, not quite as well.

If you have given thought to becoming more involved, please do! We welcome anyone who is interested and willing. You can learn more about volunteer opportunities by visiting the informational webpage on ways to get involved.

And supporting Bryn Mawr doesn’t have to mean hours of your time; recommending a Bryn Mawr education to the young women in your life, including the College in your LinkedIn profile, and even singing the praises of our school loud and proud in your social media are all meaningful and easy ways to serve Bryn Mawr. With the start of the new school year, join me in renewing your connection to Bryn Mawr; I think I can safely say the rewards in doing so are many.