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Ankitha Kannad keeping bees
For co-coordinator and others, work means gardening, organizing—and bees.
Bryn Mawr chop
"The Bob" and "The Chop" offer distinctive looks, yesterday and today.
Saskia Subramanian
Our Bryn Mawr
Renewing your connection to Bryn Mawr offers great rewards.
Anthropologist investigates new discovery from the distant past.
Gail Stennies ’81, M.D., M.P.H.
These professionals advocate for accessibility, affordability, and community involvement.
President Cassidy
President's Message
Bryn Mawr has always aspired to educate its students in world citizenship.
Historical photo
Philadelphia can lay claim as the national birthplace of photography.
Janet Shapiro
The GSSWSR welcomes a veteran professor as its new dean.


American Fire by Monica Hesse '03
Monica Hesse '03
Book Jacket
Jessica Harris ’68
Book Jacket
Micki McElya ’94
Book Jacket
Jennet Conant ’82

Campus News

Anassa Kata

Phoebe Ellsworth '65

She has conducted pioneering research on jury behavior, public opinion and the death penalty, and eyewitness identification.

Anna Kimbrough Morris '62

“I loved it immediately and have a joyful connection to my class and Rock dorm mates. There’s a vibe that I don’t know exists anywhere else.”