Biennial Symposia

The biennial Graduate Group Student Symposium attracts graduate students from all over the United States and from other countries to contribute papers on an interdisciplinary theme that spans the interests of the Group’s three departments. Planned and organized entirely by students, the biennial symposia are one of the Graduate Group's most significant shared enterprises.

2022 Symposium (March 25-26)
Kinesis: Movement and Mobility 

13th Biennial Graduate Group Symposium, Kinesis: Movement and Mobility Poster

Previous Symposia

2019 Symposium (Nov. 15-16)
Irresistible Night, Ageless Dark: The Nocturnal in Image, Text, and Material Culture

2017 Symposium (Nov. 3-4)
Nothing in Moderation: Ancient to Contemporary Perspectives on Excess


2017 Graduate Symposium - Figurine Heads

2015 - Bright Lights, Big City: The Development and Influence of the Metropolis


Metropolis Symposium

2013 - Home: Departure and Destination


Laurie Simmons, Walking House, 1994

2011 - Feed Your Head: Food as Material and Metaphor


Arcimboldo Portrait

2009 - Thievery: The Anxiety of Influence and Appropriation


Thievery Logo

2007 - To the Ends of the Earth: Journeys Ancient to Modern


Macrobius Map

2005 - After Death and Afterlife: The End or Beginning?


Death Mask of Napoleon Bonaparte

2003 - Head to Toe: (Un)Covering the Human Body


Head to Toe logo

2001 - Amateur or Professional: Experts, Dabblers, Hirelings and Hacks


Dying Gaul, restored by Buzzi

1999 - Decline: All Good Things Must Come to an End?


Decline Symposium logo

1997 - All for One or One for All? (Re)constructing Identity in the Ancient World


All for One Symposium logo