Looking for erased notations on Manuscript #4 using ultraviolet light
Posted March 16th, 2019
How one Classics Graduate Student Uncovered a 19th c. Fraud
Medieval globe
Posted March 6th, 2019
Catherine Conybeare, Professor of Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies, and Elly Truitt, Associate Professor of History, are both serving on the program committee.
Illuminations attributed to different illuminators in the Ruskin Hours (Getty Ms. Ludwig IX 3), ca. 1300, northeastern France.
Posted March 1st, 2019
With the One-Year ‘Network Analysis + Digital Art History’ Workshop
Professor of Chemistry Michelle Francl
Posted February 20th, 2019
Francl's research is among the most cited in computational chemistry and she has mentored countless students in more than 30 years of teaching,
Posted February 4th, 2019
Weintraub received a doctorate in History of Art.
Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology Jennie Bradbury
Posted January 3rd, 2019
Her recent talk focused on the history of how humans interact with the dead, including how mortuary beliefs and practices have changed over time and cultures.
Posted December 17th, 2018
Achievements from Students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.
Posted December 17th, 2018