Posted June 3rd, 2020
Bryn Mawr College and its leadership stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and all of those peacefully protesting against racial violence, injustice, and white supremacy.
"All-Over Design" exhibition space
Posted May 21st, 2020
A life of the collection through objects in recent exhibition curated by Nina Blomfield, Ph.D. candidate in History of Art
Posted May 20th, 2020
A graduate student's guide to the galaxy.
Posted May 13th, 2020
Harte joined the faculty at Bryn Mawr in 2002, after completing his B.A. and Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literature at Harvard.
Posted May 11th, 2020
Weekly lecture series brings levity to pandemic life
Gary Stroman receives the McPherson Award
Posted April 14th, 2020
Gary was the recipient of the McPherson Award in June 2019 for his excellence and service to the Bryn Mawr community.