Early Christian painting from the Red Monastery in Sohag, Egypt
Posted February 19th, 2018
Honoring the award-winning research of History of Art alum Professor Elizabeth Bolman (Ph.D., '97)
Monika Uchiyama
Posted January 22nd, 2018
Co-curated by History of Art's Laurel McLaughlin
Sharon Burgmayer
Posted December 20th, 2017
Burgmayer and team continue to break ground in chemistry lab.
Therese Dolan (Ph.D. History of Art, '79)
Posted December 15th, 2017
Her retirement marks nearly 40 years of outstanding scholarship and service
Posted December 12th, 2017
Posted December 7th, 2017
Breaking new ground on Roman satire written during the reign of the emperor Nero
Posted December 6th, 2017
He has accepted a post-doctoral research associate position at Princeton University
Student Perspectives
Posted December 4th, 2017
By Elliot Krasnopoler (Graduate Student, History of Art)