Graduate Students Celebrate Lux Doctorum

November 15, 2022

Students from the Graduate Student Association recently held the fifth annual Lux Doctorum event.

Modeled after the undergraduate tradition of Lantern Night, Lux Doctorum translates to “light of the learned” and symbolizes the light of knowledge being passed from current to new graduate students.


In addition to receiving lanterns, students sign their names in the Lux Doctorum book, acknowledging their membership in a truly unique group of scholars.

This year's event also featured a special nod to the graduate students whose research is focused on the sciences. Two graduate chemistry students performed a chemistry light demonstration.

"In this reaction, they dissolve luminol, a basic solution, and oxidize it with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of iron catalyst," explains GSA co-chair Diana Rachii. "Upon oxidation, luminol produces a beautiful blue fluorescence, also known as chemiluminescence."

Bryn Mawr's six Ph.D. programs in the arts and sciences attract a diverse group of highly motivated students. The college also awards M.A. degrees either as a prerequisite for one of the doctoral program or as part of a combined A.B./M.A. degree