A.B./M.A. Programs

Students can complete both their bachelor's and master's degrees in four to five years.


This one-page PDF file (updated 03/30/2023) summarizes important general information about the A.B./M.A. program for interested students, which may be helpful for major information sessions, academic advising, and academic fairs.

The A.B./M.A. Degree Program at Bryn Mawr College is available in the following subjects:

Applying for the A.B./M.A. program is a three-part process. 

First, a student must develop an A.B./M.A. curricular work plan with their major's advisor. Next, students submit an application to the Undergraduate Dean's Office, which will then be submitted to the Undergraduate Special Cases Committee for approval. If your application is successful, you must then apply to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS). That application will be reviewed by both the appropriate department and the Dean of Graduate Studies. 

How to Apply to the GSAS

After being approved by the undergraduate Dean's Office:

Items that are waived for A.B./M.A. applicants:

  • Application fee
  • GRE and TOEFL scores

Deadline for Applying

Deadlines for initial submission of the workplan to the Undergraduate Dean's Office are determined by the applying student’s situation, no later than Feb. 5 of the applicant's junior year. GSAS applications to the A.B./M.A. program are considered on a rolling basis, and the GSAS will accept applications through the end of each semester.

Things to Keep in Mind

The M.A. degree requires:

  • Six courses for graduate credit
  • Skills and/or language requirements
  • M.A. thesis, and either an oral or written defense of your work

In some programs additional work may be required. Review the degree requirements to learn more. In order to complete the thesis requirement you have to be a candidate for the M.A., which requires completing an Application for M.A. Candidacy.

  • All A.B./M.A. students must register through BIONIC during the window designated by the Registrar for GSAS students.
  • It is important to follow the original workplan that was approved during your application process.  If the workplan must be changed, you need to submit a new workplan, complete with the necessary signatures, to the Graduate Dean for approval. This needs to happen before registering for the semester in which the change will take place.
  • No registration can be approved until all outstanding balances are cleared.
  • Note: if you do complete the M.A. degree within the four years of your undergraduate enrollment, you will not be charged graduate tuition. If, however, you enroll for additional semesters, you will be responsible for paying GSAS tuition and fees. If you are completing your degree in a fifth year, and need to maintain full-time student status, you should submit the Declaration of Full-Time Study.