Ph.D. Program in Chemistry

Since the founding of Bryn Mawr in 1885, the Department of Chemistry has offered programs leading to either the M.A. or Ph.D. degrees. The graduate program in chemistry is designed to prepare men and women for professional careers in research and teaching by providing them with a sound background in modern chemistry.

Small and Supportive

The smallness of the graduate program in chemistry at Bryn Mawr College means that graduate students have exceptionally close interactions with all faculty and receive individualized mentoring. Bryn Mawr is a highly ranked liberal arts college with a national reputation for exceptional scholarly impact. The graduate program in chemistry has a synergistic role to the whole teaching and research mission of the department.

Cutting Edge Research and Excellent Facilities

Research faculty at Bryn Mawr pursue research problems in chemistry at the forefront of the discipline. These include the development of anti-cancer drugs; new nanotechnology materials; high throughput techniques for screening catalysts; studies of interactions of nucleic acids with proteins and with transition metal complexes; and theoretical computation of macromolecules. (More about faculty research fields.)

The Department of Chemistry is located in the Park Science Center where research and teaching activities are carried out in 50,000 square feet of space. (More about research facilities.) 

Work Collaboratively and Develop Teaching Skills

Research faculty collaborate with scientists at other major research institutions and with colleagues in other disciplines at Bryn Mawr College. (More about research collaborations.)

The small liberal arts atmosphere at Bryn Mawr offers a perfect environment for faculty and graduate students committed to excellent teaching. The graduate program includes an emphasis on teaching undergraduates at various levels of the curriculum with mentoring by all members of the department.