Below is a list of recent graduates, with some information on why they chose Bryn Mawr and what they're up to now.


Cassie Gates





Cassandra Gates, M.A. '19, Ph.D. '23
B.S. Waynesburg University
M.A. Bryn Mawr College
Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College
Dissertation: The Indivisible System: Modeling The Metal-Pterin-Dithiolene System In Molybdenum And Tungsten Cofactors (Burgmayer Lab)
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Lab

Why Bryn Mawr? Bryn Mawr’s graduate program is a unique gem amongst graduate programs which offers the intimacy and individualized attention of a small program while also having the quality education of a larger institution. My favorite thing about Bryn Mawr is the opportunity to gain hands-on experience teaching and mentoring in a lab setting, that is not always available in graduate programs.


Rich Davis





Rich Davis, M.A. '22
A.S. Bucks County Community College
B.S. Delaware Valley University
M.A. Bryn Mawr College
Thesis: Synthesis of Bidentate Carbodicarbenes for Transition-Metal Catalyzed Reactions (Melvin Group)
Gelest, Inc

Why Bryn Mawr? I chose Bryn Mawr because it is a small college and a previous professor spoke highly of it.


Edwin Ragwan


Edwin Ragwan, M.A. '18, Ph.D. '22
B.S. Eastern University
M.A. Bryn Mawr College
Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College
Dissertation: Understanding and harnessing the structural features that govern HMG-CoA reductases (Kung Lab)
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Villanova University



Maria Winters, M.A. '11, Ph.D. '14
B.S. King's College
M.A. Bryn Mawr College
Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College
Dissertation: Design and Synthesis of Hydroxylamines as Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase Inhibitors (Malachowski Group, medicinal chemistry)
Assistant Professor, Gwynedd-Mercy University

Why Bryn Mawr? "I got good vibes from Bryn Mawr. It seemed like a place I would like to be. I was very interested in Dr. Malachowski's research and I felt that I connected with the other graduate students almost immediately. It was easy to speak with all the professors that I met and I felt like this was definitely a close, intimate environment that truly fostered learning and research. Plus, I always trust my vibes - they never lead my astray. Well...almost never—unless I'm running in unfamiliar territory. Or I get distracted. Or I find a new trail."

What Maria loves to do besides chemistry: Run marathons.



Sarah Burke, M.A. '10, Ph.D. '14
B.S. Cabrini University
M.A. Bryn Mawr College
Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College
Dissertation: Enantioselective Conjugate Additions to a Hindered Cyclohexenone System (Malachowski Group, medicinal chemistry)
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of the Sciences
Assistant Professor, Neumann University

Why Bryn Mawr? "I chose Bryn Mawr College because it afforded me the opportunity to do high level research in an atmosphere that fosters the process of learning (i.e., you are not ridiculed for not always knowing the answer), emphasizes the importance of teaching, and respects my personal life."

What Sarah loves to do besides chemistry: Travel outside the U.S.



Ryan Fealy, Ph.D. '14
B.S. Delaware Valley College
M.A. Lehigh University
Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College
Dissertation: The Synthesis and Study of Ru and Ir Complexes containing Multiple Metal Centers (Goldsmith group)
Assistant Professor, Bucks County Community College

Why Bryn Mawr? "The Chemistry Program at Bryn Mawr College is very effective. Research covers many areas within the discipline and one learns many different skills to make one more marketable upon graduation. There is a great balance between teaching and research, and it is terrific to be in an environment where the faculty treat you as an equal."

What Ryan loves to do besides chemistry: Host his weekly radio show



Alyssa Bohen, M.A. '06, Ph.D. '13
B.S. Haverford College
Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College
Dissertation: Synthesis of a Family of Polyether-Substituted Phenacenes (Mallory Group, organic chemistry)
Lecturer of Organic Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania



Tina Ross, Ph.D. '12
B.S. University of Maryland
M.S. University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College
Dissertation: Enantioselective Synthesis of Quaternary Stereocenters with a Tandem Cope-Rauht-Currier Sequence (Malachowski Group, medicinal chemistry)
Associate Director, Masters in Chemical Sciences Program at the University of Pennsylvania

Why Bryn Mawr? "I like the flexible learning environment to tackle complex intellectual chemistry challenges using innovation, technology and courage."



Shannon Dalton, M.A. '04, Ph.D. '09
B.S. Wilson College
M.A. Bryn Mawr College
Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College
Dissertation: An Investigation of the Interactions between DNA and a Family of Ruthenium(II) Pteridinyl Complexes (Burgmayer group)
Senior Research Associate, iCeutica

Why Bryn Mawr? "I came to Bryn Mawr because I loved the supportive, collaborative atmosphere, from both fellow students and faculty. I also appreciated the association between the graduate and undergraduate programs; I enjoyed being a mentor and working closely with the students in a research setting."

What Shannon loves to do besides chemistry: Ride horses.



Kelly Ginion Matz, M.A. '06, Ph.D. '10
B.S. Franklin and Marshall College
M.A. Bryn Mawr College
Ph. D. Bryn Mawr College
Dissertation: Building a Better Model for the Molybdenum Cofactor: A New Class of Molybdenum Dithiolene Complexes (Burgmayer group)
Instructor in Chemistry, Haverford College

What Kelly loves to do besides chemistry: Cook.



Matt Wampole, M.A. '06, Ph.D. '10
B.S. Elizabethtown College
M.A. Bryn Mawr College
Ph. D. Bryn Mawr College
Dissertation: Potential Energy Surfaces for Intermolecular Proton Transfers in Crystal Aspirin: A Computational Study (Francl group)
Bioinformatics at Thomson Reuters