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New Faculty: Assistant Professor of Mathematics Selvi Kara

September 24, 2023
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Selvi Kara

As we begin the semester, we're highlighting Bryn Mawr's newest faculty members. The College supports faculty excellence in both research and teaching.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Selvi Kara's research interests lie at the interface of combinatorics, commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. In particular, she is interested in problems that are algebraic and geometric in nature but can be studied through combinatorial objects and tools. As a researcher, one of Kara’s goals is to translate abstract notions from commutative algebra and related fields into more approachable and accessible ones through the power of combinatorial connections.

Kara has published 10 peer-reviewed articles and four of her papers are currently under revision. One of Kara’s passions as a researcher is to collaborate with her students on research projects. She uses inclusive teaching practices in her classes to create an environment for everyone to feel welcome and have a meaningful learning experience. Kara is also the co-founder of the Meet a Mathematician project, a growing collection of video interviews with mathematicians, especially from historically excluded backgrounds in mathematical sciences. She co-authored a book chapter on this project for the “Advocating for Students of Color in Mathematics” book series.