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Zach Silvia, Ph.D. ’22, Accepts Postdoc at Dartmouth College

September 6, 2022 Katie Breyer
Zach Silvia headshot
Zach Silvia Ph.D. ’22, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology

Zach Silvia, Ph.D. ’22, has joined the Department of Anthropology at Dartmouth College with a dual appointment as a lecturer and post-doctoral fellow with their Spatial Archaeometry Lab (SPARCL).

Silvia earned his doctoral degree in classical and Near Eastern archaeology at Bryn Mawr.

His appointment at SPARCL allows Silvia to pursue training in a wide range of archaeological methods related to aerial remote sensing, geophysics, and field-based photogrammetry. His goal is to apply knowledge learned and resources available as a fellow to his ongoing work in Central Asia while publishing the results of recently completed research projects on the Hellenistic and post-Hellenistic periods of this same geographic area done as part of his doctoral research at Bryn Mawr.

Silvia is currently planning a brief research trip (early 2023) to the Bukhara Oasis, Uzbekistan, to undertake a geophysical survey of targeted areas in the southern Kyzylkum Desert. In addition, Silvia's work with SPARC involves assisting his colleagues with their projects across the globe in geophysics, remote sensing, and data processing. Silvia will also teach three courses at Dartmouth in the 2022-23 academic year.

"My broad training at Bryn Mawr forms the core of my teaching methodology, which treats ancient Mediterranean, Near Eastern, and Central Asian cultures as a complex yet integrated whole characterized by diversity and the multi-scalar transmission of knowledge and traditions," says Silvia.

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