Archaeology Seminars

Seminar topics are determined for each semester in consultation with the graduate students. See also, all departmental course offerings.

Fall 2022 Graduate Course Offerings

Course Course Title Instructor Class Hours Room
ARCH B501 Greek Vase Painting Astrid Lindenlauf TTh. 11:25 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. Carpenter Library 13, In Person
ARCH B516 Trade and Transport in the Ancient World S. Justl F. 9:10 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Old Library 118, In Person
GSEM History and Memory M. Kale, L. Saltzman

Th. 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Old Library 102, In Person

 Spring 2023 Graduate Course Offerings

Course Course Title Instructor Class Hours Room

List of Graduate Seminars and Courses

605: The Concept of "Style"  (Donohue)
607: Architectural Sculpture (Webb)
608: The Interpretation of Programs of Greek Architectural Sculpture  (Donohue)

609: Greek Sanctuaries  (staff)
610: Greek Architecture (Wright)
611: Athenian Topography  (staff)
612: The Acropolis of Athens  (staff)
614: Greek Identity (staff)
615: Mystery Cults (McFadden)
617: The Origins of the Greek Polis  (Wright)
618: Macedonian Archaeology  (staff)
619: Topics in Hellenistic Archaeology  (Webb)
620: Monumental Painting and Mosaics  (staff)
622: Classical Conceptions of the Human Figure  (Donohue)
623: Alexander the Great (Lindenlauf)
624: Issues in Greek Vase Painting (staff)
625: The Historiography of Greek and Roman Art (Donohue)
627: The Idea of the Monument (Donohue)
631: The Early Bronze Age in the Aegean: the Cyclades and the Mainland (Wright)
632: Aegean Prehistory (Wright)
633: Neo- and Post-Palatial Crete (Wright)
635: The Shaft Graves, Thera and Neo-Palatial Crete (Wright)
636: The Mycenaeans (Wright)
637: Middle Helladic and Early Mycenaean Archaeology (Wright)
638: Archaeology of Assyria (Ataç)
639: Iron Age-Greece (Wright)
641: Case Studies in Mortuary Analysis (Wright)
645: Ethnicity in Near Eastern Archaeology (staff)
647: Methods of Comparative Chronology (staff)
648: Method and Theory in Archaeology (staff)
652: Ancient Egyptian Architecture (Ataç)
653: Style Analysis of Ceramics (Magee)
655: Urartu and Feudalism (staff)
657: Syro-Hittite Sites and Their Art (staff)
658: Nomadism and Urbanism in Syria-Palestine (staff)
659: Problems in Mycenaean Archaeology (Wright)
661: Pergamon and Samothrace (Webb)
664: Problems in Third Millennium Syria-Palestine (staff)
665: The Halaf Period (staff)
667: Column of Trajan (Webb)
669: Ancient Greece & the Near East (Ataç)
677: Iconography (Ataç/Kinney/Hamilton)
680: Problems in the Archaeology of Mesopotamia (staff)
681: Organization and Planning of Near Eastern Cities (staff)
683: The Art of the Assyrians (staff)
692: Achaemenids and Persians (staff)
693: Studies in Greek Pottery (staff)
696: Kingship and Early States (Ataç)
727: Pompeii (Webb)