GSA Constitution

GSA Executive Committee Constitution

Drafted on Sept. 5, 2003, by Bob Ekey and Jim Schweppe.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Graduate Student Association Executive Committee is to: coordinate graduate student initiatives, academic and social; promote the visibility of the graduate school both within and outside the College; provide an open forum for discussion of issues related to graduate student life at Bryn Mawr College.

Structure of GSA Executive Committee

One graduate student representative from each department and up to two co-chairs

  • Open to any student enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Chair or co-chairs of the GSA are chosen by the GSAEC from among its members.

Election of representatives is determined by their respective departments. If necessary, conflicts are resolved by the GSA Chair.

Executive committee members are obligated to fill all vacant college committee positions, e.g., Graduate Student Representative to the Board of Trustees, Representative to the Graduate Council, etc. (See: Campus Committees)

GSA Executive Committee meetings occur regularly throughout the semester and are arranged by the co-chairs/steering committee:

  • minimum of two meetings per semester
  • meetings are open, that is, any student of the GSAS may attend
  • the Dean of the GSAS is always invited but not obligated to attend the Executive Committee meetings
  • as a courtesy, invitations may be extended to special representatives from GSSW/SR or committee representatives who are not department representatives

Meeting format: 1 hr total

  • 15 minutes: review previous meeting minutes and progress reports.
  • 30 minutes: new business
  • 15 minutes: open discussion

GSA Executive Committee: Department Representatives Responsibilities

  • Disseminate information concerning the GSAS and GSA to students and faculty of his/her department. Likewise, report to the GSA Executive Committee any concerns or complaints from students of his/her department.
  • Informal reports are requested from all campus committee representatives during GSA Executive Committee meetings.
  • Regularly attend GSA Executive Committee meetings.
  • Attendance at GSA and GSAS sponsored events is strongly encouraged.

GSA Executive Committee: Chair Responsibilities

  • Chair the GSA Executive Committee and coordinate the agenda of the GSA Executive Committee and General Assembly of the Graduate Student Association
  • Schedule regular GSA Executive Committee meetings.
    • Typically held as an evening meeting in the Campus Center.
    • Minimum of two meetings per semester.
    • Provide or coordinate refreshments.
  • Schedule General Assemblies of the Graduate Student Association
  • Reserve GSA lounge (College Hall) or Campus Center
  • Minimum of one meeting per semester
  • If possible, dates for the General Assembly of the GSA should coincide with Trustees weekends
  • Recruit or assign graduate student representatives to college committees.
  • Meet with the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences on a regular basis to inform him/her of the on-goings of the GSA.
  • Meet with student leaders of the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research
  • Maintain GSA Website and other GSA media outlets