In This Issue

Twilight in Costa Rica, with grass and trees in the foreground and billowing clouds in the background

An Indian American woman living in Costa Rica explores the urge to leave—and find—home.

Tania Romero at Las Patronas, in front of a wall mural

With camera in hand, an alumna and daughter of Nicaraguan immigrants bears witness on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Fence at the border against a blue sky

Mawrters working with immigrants encounter shifting policies, misperceptions, and blatant cruelty. They are devoted to the work anyway.

Kim Cassidy standing behind a podium with a Bryn Mawr banner in the background
President's Message

How Bryn Mawr became a trailblazer in digital scholarship and open access.

Portrait of Madeline Cantor

A conversation with recently retired Bryn Mawr Dance Program Director Madeline Cantor.

Chris Mills (HC ’82) and Manjula Dias-Hargarter ’92 performing guitar and vocals
Our Bryn Mawr

Music and poetry meet in a new music album that took three decades to fully realize.

Portrait of Bertha Walters

A newly catalogued collection of papers sheds light on the life and work of civil rights activist and educator Bertha Waters.

Bethany Collins sitting in a classroom in front of a slide projection

New efforts to form an interdisciplinary artist-in-residence program.


Anassa Kata

Lisa Yun Lee '91

Museum director Lee will continue to serve on the Illinois State Museum Board

Martha Denckla '58

A prestigious new award to honor a physician-scientist in the field of child neurology has been named after Denckla.