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Solar Settlement in Frieburg, Germany
Despite its bad rap, NIMBY can be good for everyone, Professor Carol Hager writes.
Book Jacket
Revisiting a long-ago trial, an alumna sheds light on the American way of dissent.
Karen Anderson
Our Bryn Mawr
Across generations, two Mawrters forge careers at the American Civil Liberties Union.
President Cassidy
President's Message
Providing easier ways for engagement with Bryn Mawr also generates greater interest. 
Arielle McInnis-Simoncelli
Alumnae-founded initiative aims to improve representation of women and minorities in government.
Fighting with Time
Three Midlife Mawrters share their stories of reclaiming their time—and making the most of their gifts.
The Entrance to Bryn Mawr College
Mawrters' wide-ranging responses show how truly engaged they are.
Empty Pedestal, Baltimore
Inspired by the topic of this year’s Flexner Lectures, six Bryn Mawr faculty offered classes on the topic of refusal.

Campus News

Anassa Kata

Maryo Gard Ewell

In "retirement," she's continued work toward improving communities by strengthening their nonprofits.

Darla Ida Himeles and President Cassidy

Her poetry explores extinction and loss—both animal and human—and her teaching exposes students to contemporary poets from a multitude of backgrounds.