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Asparagus Header

Through her award-winning magazine, Vancouver-based Mawrter Jessie Johnston ’04 tells the large and small stories of sustainability.

Helen Christ

Getting out the vote is a campus priority during election season. So is educating students about the democratic process.

Close up of a camera lens

Brooklyn filmmakers Sarah Schenck ’87 and Margaret Sclafani ’08 take time out to talk about filmmaking and friendship.

Kim Cassidy
President's Message

Improving our ability to examine complex ideas and and engage in open exchange is critical to our core mission.

Student Experience

A Bryn Mawr sophomore reflects on meeting a role model and being in a room full of influential women.

Rosemary Barbera, Ph.D

Rosemary Barbera, Ph.D. ’03, is honored for her decades of social justice work in Latin America and the U.S.

Agnès Peysson-Zeiss

The Bryn Mawr French lecturer talks about pedagogy, giving students a voice, and the power of graphic narratives.

Portrait of Abigail Stephenson
Our Bryn Mawr

In "Ohio State Murders," Abigail Stephenson ’16 found a role that resonated and the fulfillment of a dream.