The alumnae/i listed below represent some of the many career paths open to graduates of the three departments in the Graduate Group. For complete lists of alumnae/i please see the webpages of the respective departments.


Name Dissertation Current Position
Johanna Best
(Ph.D., 2015)
Religion of the Roadways: Roadside Sacred Spaces in Attica (director: A.A. Donohue) Program Manager for Scholarly and Public Engagement, Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow in the Smithsonian Provenance Research Initiative
Deborah Brown
(Ph.D., 2009)
hoi peri to hieron: A Study of Sacerdotal Housing at Ancient Greek Sanctuaries (director: Stella Miller-Collett) Librarian, Byzantine Studies, Dumbarton Oaks
Andrea De Giorgi
(Ph.D., 2007)
Socio-Economic Studies in the Territory of Antioch in the High Roman Empire (director: Russell Scott) Assistant Professor, Florida State University
Andrea Guzzetti
(Ph.D., 2012)
A Walk through the Past: Toward a Study of Archaeological Museums in Italy, Greece, and Israel (director: A.A. Donohue)  Collections Development Librarian, Blegen Library, American School of Classical Studies, Athens
Sarah Lepinski
​(Ph.D., 2009)
Roman Wall Painting from Panayia Field, Corinth, Greece: A Contextual Study (director: Stella Miller-Collett) Program Officer, Division of Preservation and Access, National Endowment for the Humanities
Danielle Smotherman Bennett
(Ph.D., 2017)
Decoding Meaning in Athenian Vase-Painting of the Archaic and Classical Periods: A Study of Expression of Communication and Targeted Audiences (director: Astrid Lindenlauf) Schuch-Friend of Classics Post-Doctoral Fellow in Classics and Digital Humanities, San Diego State University
Laura Surtees
(Ph.D., 2012)
On the Surface of a Thessalian City: The Urban Survey of Kastro Kallithea (directors: Astrid Lindenlauf and James C. Wright) Research and Instruction Librarian, Coordinator of Rhys Carpenter Library, Bryn Mawr College
Angela Ziskowski
(Ph.D., 2011)   
The Construction of Corinthian Identity in the Early Iron Age and Archaic Period (director: James C. Wright)
Associate Professor of History, Interim Provost & Dean of the Faculty,  Coe College


Name Dissertation Current Position
Lee Burnett
(Ph.D., 2018)
Saturnalicia Regna: The Neronian Grotesque and the Satires of Seneca, Persius, and Petronius (director: Catherine Conybeare) Instructor, Episcopal Academy
Luca D'Anselmi
(A.B.D., 2015)
The Neo-Latin Supplements to Vergil's Aeneid, 1400-1700 (director: Annette M. Baertschi)
Instructor of Greek and Latin and Chair of Humanities Department,Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary
Eric Hutchinson
(Ph.D., 2009)
Quid facit cum evangeliis Maro?: The Cultural Background of Sedulius' Intertextual Argument with Vergil in Paschale carmen (director: Catherine Conybeare) Associate Professor of Classics, Chairman of Collegiate Scholars Program, Hillsdale College
Elizabeth Kennedy-Klaasen
​(Ph.D., 2005)
Ethnicity and empire: Vergilian imitation in Silius Italicus' 'Punica' (director: Russell Scott) Instructor III, Carleton University
Charlie Kuper
(Ph.D., 2017)
The Latin Dialogue from Minucius Felix to Gregory the Great (director: Catherine Conybeare) Thesaurus Linguae Latinae Post-Doctoral Fellow, Bavarian Academy, Munich
Eleanor Mulhern
​(Ph.D., 2014)
Roman Nostalgia: Exemplarity and Romanitas in Late Republican and Imperial Literature (director: Catherine Conybeare) Assistant Professor of Instruction in Classics, Temple University
Sara Sieteski
​(Ph.D., 2017)
Recontextualizing Military Structures along the Stanegate and Hadrian's Wall Utilizing Aerial Photography and GIS Mapping (director: Russell Scott) Co-founder & CEO, Logoi Learning Systems
Abbe Walker
(Ph.D., 2017)
Bride of Hades to Bride of Christ: Virginity and Death in Ancient Greece and Early Christian Rome (directors: Catherine Conybeare and Radcliffe Edmonds) Visiting Assistant Professor in Classics, Connecticut College

History of Art

Name Dissertation Current Position
Benjamin Anderson
(Ph.D., 2012)
World Image after World Empire: The Ptolemaic Cosmos in the Early Middle Ages, ca. 700-900 (director: Dale Kinney) Associate Professor, Department of History of Art & Visual Studies, Cornell University
Maeve Doyle
(Ph.D., 2015)
The Portrait Potential: Gender, Identity, and Devotion in Manuscript Owner Portraits, 1230-1320 (director: Dale Kinney) Assistant Professor, Eastern Connecticut State University
Matthew Feliz
(Ph.D., 2013)
Resonant Space, Sonorous Time: The Varieties of Acoustic Phenomena in the Art of Christian Marclay (director: Lisa Saltzman) Visiting Assistant Professor, Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore Colleges
Rima Girnius
(Ph.D., 2007)
Rembrandt's Spaces (director: Christiane Hertel) Associate Curator of European Painting, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Johanna Gosse
​(Ph.D., 2014)
Cinema at the Crossroads: Bruce Conner's Atomic Sublime, 1958-2008 (director: Homay King) Scholar in Residence at the Center for Western Civilization, Policy, and Thought and in the Department of Art & Art History at the University of Colorado, Boulder
Michael Jay McClure
(Ph.D., 2006)
Medium’s Collapse: Andy Warhol, Robert Gober, Matthew Barney, and the Contemporary Object of Art (director: Lisa Saltzman) Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carrie Robbins
(Ph.D., 2014) 
Credulous Spectatorship from Zeuxis to Barthes (director: Steven Levine) Curator, Academic Liaison for Art & Artifacts, Bryn Mawr College
Katherine Rochester
(Ph.D., 2018)
Lotte Reiniger and the Animated Ornament in Experimental film 1919-1937 (director: Christiane Hertel and Karen Redrobe, University of Pennsylvania) Curatorial Fellow, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles
Ketti Neil Scarborough
(Ph.D., 2005)
Modern Primitive Body Art: The Cutting Edge of Queer Performance (director: Steven Levine) Director, La Salle University Art Museum
Jennifer Webb
(Ph.D., 2006)
The Making of the Montefeltro: Patronage of the Arts and Architecture during the Reign of Federico da Montefeltro and Battista Sforza (director: David Cast) Associate Professor, University of Minnesota-Duluth

Alum News

Ben Anderson, History of Art Ph.D. 2012, publishes new book Cosmos and Community in Early Medieval Art with Yale University Press