Carrie Robbins

Curator, Academic Liaison for Art & Artifacts
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Phone 610-526-5335
Location Canaday 200C



Carrie Robbins is Curator/Academic Liaison for Art and Artifacts in Special Collections, where she works on exhibitions, cataloging, and opportunities to integrate artwork into the college's curricula. Carrie holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in the History of Art from Bryn Mawr College; she has a B.A. in Art from Grinnell College. She advises and supervises students on a regular basis, leading them through the development of exhibitions from or provenance research on collections. She regularly teaches as part of the college-wide 360 program, collaborating with faculty across disciplines. Her co-authored and co-edited publications include: "Mineral displays as embodiments of geological thought and colonial invisibility" in Journal of Natural Science Collections (2023) and Tania El Khoury Live Art: Collaborative Knowledge Production (2024). She has presented her research at various symposia and has taught classes on art ranging from the 17th century to the present.

Her exhibitions at Bryn Mawr include: Cecilia Paredes: Not ~At Home (2023-24), Bethany Collins: Tempest (2023), Introducing Ellie Ga (2021-22), Camp Pause by Dictaphone Group (2018), Nature so-called... (2018), Kris Graves: The Testament Project (2016), as well as several others for which she was the advising curator.