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Spring 2024

January 24 Welcome Back Luncheon (Wyndham Dining Room, 12:30-2:00pm)
January 26 Classics Colloquium presents Radcliffe Edmonds (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
January 31 The Center for Visual Culture presents Timothy Harte (OL 224, 12:30pm)
February 1 Visual Culture Colloquium Director's Welcome (OL 224, 12:30pm)
February 2 Classics Colloquium presents Charles Kuper (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
February 7 Visual Culture Colloquium presents Kaysha Corinealdi (OL 224, 12:30pm)
February 9 Classics Colloquium presents Miriam Kamil (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
February 12 Archaeology Lecture Series with Andreas Schachner (Zoom, 12:30-2:00pm)
February 15 Visual Culture Colloquium presents Afrykas and the Magic Box film screening + Q&A (OL 110, 5-7pm)
February 21 Visual Culture Colloquium presents Jordanna Sagesse (OL 224, 12:30pm)
February 23 Classics Colloquium presents Benjamin B. Olshin (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
February 28 Visual Culture Colloquium presents Deniz Turker (OL 224, 12:30pm)
March 1-2 Discovering Dionysos in the Sinai Palimpsest Conference (Carpenter Library)
March 6 Visual Culture Colloquium presents Bonnie Cheng (OL 224, 12:30pm)
March 18 Archaeology Lecture Series with Hilary Becker (OL 224, 12:20-2:00pm)
March 19 The Center for Visual Culture presents Dr. Verena Krebs (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
March 20 Visual Culture Colloquium presents Lynne Huffer (OL 224, 12:30pm)
March 22 Classics Colloquium presents Nancy Worman (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
March 25 Archaeology Lecture Series with Jason Ur (OL 224, 12:20-2:00pm)
March 27 The Center for Visual Culture presents Author Mark Danielewski Meet & Greet Luncheon (London Room, 12:00-1:00pm)
March 29 Classics Colloquium presents Sarah Iles Johnston (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
April 3 Visual Culture Colloquium presents Katherine Groo (OL 224, 12:30pm)
April 5 The Helen North Lecture at Swarthmore College with Eleanor Dickey (5:30pm)
April 8 Archaeology Lecture Series with Sara Pizzimenti (OL 224, 12:20-2:00pm)
April 9 Classics Colloquium presents Katherine Backler (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
April 10 Visual Culture Colloquium presents Emine Fetvaci (OL 224, 12:30pm)
April 12

Friday Finds: Curatorial Tour of Timecraft (Rare Book Room, Canaday Library, 12:00-1:00pm)

April 19 Classics Colloquium presents Alexandra Schultz (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
April 15 Archaeology Lecture Series with Bryan Burns (OL 224, 12:00-2:00pm)
April 17 Visual Culture Colloquium presents Yomaira Figueroa-Vásquez (OL 224, 12:30pm)
April 17 Archaeology Lecture Series with Robert Rollinger (OL 224, 4:15-6:00pm)
April 24 Visual Culture Colloquium End-of-Year Luncheon (Wyndham Terrace)
April 26 Classics Colloquium presents Supratik Baralay (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
May 10  GGACHA Symposium: Student Presentations and Reception

Fall 2023

September 6 Welcome Back Luncheon (Wyndham Terrace, 12:30-2:00pm)
September 8 C. Densmore Curtis Lecture presents Dr. Robin Osborne (Old Library 110, 4:30pm)
September 15 Classics Colloquium presents "News from Abroad: Reports from the Field"
September 20 Visual Culture Colloquium Welcome Back Luncheon
September 22 Classics Colloquium presents Barbara Graziosi
September 29 Classics Colloquium presents Rocco Palermo
October 4 Visual Culture Colloquium presents Suzanne Conklin Akbari
October 6 Classics Colloquium presents Matthew Leigh
October 11 Visual Culture Colloquium presents Kartik Nair
October 25 Visual Culture Colloquium presents Jayna Brown
October 27 Classics Colloquium presents Ryan Warwick
November 1 Visual Culture Colloquium, speaker TBD
November 3 Martin Ostwald Memorial Lecture at Swarthmore College
November 6 Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology and the "Death and Beyond" Group Seminar present Glenn Schwartz (Dorothy Vernon Room, 12-2pm)
November 8 Visual Culture Colloquium presents Brittany Webb
November 10-11 14th Biennial Graduate Group Symposium: "Timecraft: From Interpreting the Past to Shaping the Future"
November 13 Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology and the "Death and Beyond" Group Seminar present Katie Rask (Dorothy Vernon Room, 12-2pm)
November 15 Visual Culture Colloquium presents Pardis Dabashi
November 17 Classics Colloquium presents Robert Santucci
November 29 Visual Culture Colloquium presents Jennifer Hirsh
December 1 Classics Colloquium presents Katherine Krauss
December 8 Classics Colloquium presents Felipe Rojas Silva
December 15 GGACHA Symposium: Student Presentations and Reception (begins at 4:00pm)

Archived Events

Fall 2022

Spring 2023

January 18 GGACHA Group Welcome (Back) Lunch (Wyndham Ely Room, 12:30-2:00pm)
January 20 Classics Colloquium Presents Erin Lam (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
January 27 Classics Colloquium Presents Asya Sigelman (Community College of Philadelphia)
February 1 Colloquium in Visual Culture Director's Introduction (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
February 3 Classics Colloquium Presents Marcus Folch (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
February 6 Graduate Group Student Lunch (Dorothy Vernon Room, 12:00-1:00pm)
February 8 Colloquium in Visual Culture with Tara Aisha Willis (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
February 10 Classics Colloquium Presents Yasmin Haskell (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
February 17 C. Densmore Curtis Lecture presents Marc Van De Mieroop (Carpenter 21, 4:30pm)
February 21 Workshop: Tools for Organizing Research Photos and Data (Carpenter Library, Digital Media & Collaboration Lab, 12-1pm)
February 22 Colloquium in Visual Culture with Amber N Wiley (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
February 24 Classics Colloquium Presents Carman Romano (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
February 28 Graduate Group Student Lunch (Dorothy Vernon Room, 12:00-1:00pm)
March 15 Colloquium in Visual Culture with Tom Kalin (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
March 17 Classics Colloquium Presents Helen Morales (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
March 22 Colloquium in Visual Culture with Cassandra Goode (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
March 24 SPEAC Conference: Building Bodies: Investigating Bodies in the Ancient Mediterranean (via Zoom in Carpenter Library B21, 4:30pm)
March 29 Colloquium in Visual Culture with Joseph Scheier-Dolberg (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
March 31 Agnes Michels Lecture presents Victoria Wohl (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
April 4 Graduate Group Student Lunch (Dorothy Vernon Room, 12:00-1:00pm)
April 12 Colloquium in Visual Culture with Martha Lucy (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
April 14 Classics Colloquium Presents Mario Telò (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
April 19 Colloquium in Visual Culture with Ikem Okoye (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
April 26 Colloquium in Visual Culture Closing Celebration (Wyndham Terrace, 12:30-2pm)
May 5 End-of-year Graduate Group Celebration and Reception (OL224, 4:00pm)