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Fall 2023

September 6 Welcome Back Luncheon (Wyndham Terrace, 12:30-2:00pm)
September 8 C. Densmore Curtis Lecture presents Dr. Robin Osborne (Old Library 110, 4:30pm
September 15 Classics Colloquium presents "News from Abroad: Reports from the Field"
September 22 Classics Colloquium presents Barbara Graziosi
September 29 Classics Colloquium presents Rocco Palermo
October 6 Classics Colloquium presents Matthew Leigh
October 27 Classics Colloquium presents Ryan Warwick
November 3 Martin Ostwald Memorial Lecture at Swarthmore College
November 10-11 14th Biennial Graduate Group Symposium: "Timecraft: From Interpreting the Past to Shaping the Future"
November 17 Classics Colloquium presents Robert Santucci
December 1 Classics Colloquium presents Katherine Krauss
December 8 Classics Colloquium presents Felipe Rojas Silva

Spring 2024

January 24 Welcome Back Luncheon (Wyndham Dining Room, 12:30-2:00pm)
April 15 Archaeology Lecture Series: Dr. Bryan Burns, “Building Society at Ancient Eleon” (OL 224)
Check back soon for more 2023-2024 Graduate Group Events!

Archived Events

Fall 2022

Spring 2023

January 18 GGACHA Group Welcome (Back) Lunch (Wyndham Ely Room, 12:30-2:00pm)
January 20 Classics Colloquium Presents Erin Lam (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
January 27 Classics Colloquium Presents Asya Sigelman (Community College of Philadelphia)
February 1 Colloquium in Visual Culture Director's Introduction (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
February 3 Classics Colloquium Presents Marcus Folch (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
February 6 Graduate Group Student Lunch (Dorothy Vernon Room, 12:00-1:00pm)
February 8 Colloquium in Visual Culture with Tara Aisha Willis (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
February 10 Classics Colloquium Presents Yasmin Haskell (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
February 17 C. Densmore Curtis Lecture presents Marc Van De Mieroop (Carpenter 21, 4:30pm)
February 21 Workshop: Tools for Organizing Research Photos and Data (Carpenter Library, Digital Media & Collaboration Lab, 12-1pm)
February 22 Colloquium in Visual Culture with Amber N Wiley (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
February 24 Classics Colloquium Presents Carman Romano (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
February 28 Graduate Group Student Lunch (Dorothy Vernon Room, 12:00-1:00pm)
March 15 Colloquium in Visual Culture with Tom Kalin (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
March 17 Classics Colloquium Presents Helen Morales (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
March 22 Colloquium in Visual Culture with Cassandra Goode (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
March 24 SPEAC Conference: Building Bodies: Investigating Bodies in the Ancient Mediterranean (via Zoom in Carpenter Library B21, 4:30pm)
March 29 Colloquium in Visual Culture with Joseph Scheier-Dolberg (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
March 31 Agnes Michels Lecture presents Victoria Wohl (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
April 4 Graduate Group Student Lunch (Dorothy Vernon Room, 12:00-1:00pm)
April 12 Colloquium in Visual Culture with Martha Lucy (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
April 14 Classics Colloquium Presents Mario Telò (Carpenter B21, 4:30pm)
April 19 Colloquium in Visual Culture with Ikem Okoye (OL224, 12:30-2pm)
April 26 Colloquium in Visual Culture Closing Celebration (Wyndham Terrace, 12:30-2pm)
May 5 End-of-year Graduate Group Celebration and Reception (OL224, 4:00pm)