Hitler at Home
Posted December 8th, 2015
Martin Filler calls Professor Stratigakos's new book "meticulously researched, richly detailed, and soundly argued."
Posted November 17th, 2015
History of Art PhD candidate translates and introduces a 13th-century alchemical recipe for forthcoming Cambridge University Press series
Michelle Smiley researching at the American Philosophical Society
Posted October 20th, 2015
During an internship at the American Philosophical Society, History of Art PhD student Michelle Smiley uncovered the stories behind a group of anthropological photographs.
 fight pseudoscience with facts
Posted September 15th, 2015
Writing for C&EN, Francl argues that Chemists can help counter the spread of pseudoscience online
Math Alum team up
Posted September 15th, 2015
Three former PhD students of Math Professor Emerita Rhonda Hughes submitted an article to the 2015 AMMCS-CAIMS Congress