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Linkage Options FAQ

About the Linkage Option Process

The linkage option is most appropriate for students who are prepared to make a commitment to one medical school, and are ready to start medical school immediately following completion of the postbac program. Students must also meet the academic eligibility requirements set forth by the linkage school.  

Approximately 35-45 students per year apply to medical school through the linkage process.

You can begin the linkage application process during the fall of your postbac academic year.

Decisions are made based on the qualifications presented at the time your application is received. Acceptances are contingent upon strong performance at Bryn Mawr. The linkage school may also require you to take the MCAT with achievement of a certain minimum score. Several of the linkage schools have an application process whereby your work at Bryn Mawr is considered during the evaluation process at the medical school.

No, because your application indicates your special interest in—and serious commitment to—one particular school.


Yes, you are obligated to attend as soon as you complete the postbac program.

Most of the linkage schools do not set a limit on the number of applicants from our program.

Yes. Medical school admission will be provisional upon completing your postbac courses with a minimum grade point average set by each school.

Many of the linkage schools require the MCAT, with achievement of a certain minimum score, while a few do not. Our staff will advise you on which schools have an MCAT requirement so you can prepare in advance.

Dartmouth and Brown require one semester of college math (may be fulfilled by a statistics course). Rutgers/Robert Wood Johnson requires two semesters of college math (may also be fulfilled with course(s) in statistics). The University of Michigan requires that incoming students demonstrate biochemistry proficiency at matriculation.  

You will apply in the general application pool for medical school for the following academic year.

By applying early with a commitment to attend if accepted, you indicate a serious interest and commitment to that school. In addition, you go directly to medical school without having a “glide year.”

You may want a year off for financial or personal reasons. Also, the schools with which we have a linkage agreement may not be the right ones for you.