Preparing for Medical School Admission

Your preparation for medical school admission begins during your first week at Bryn Mawr. Our step-by-step workshops explain the medical school admissions process, including the various requirements and expectations of different medical schools, and help you with the process of self-assessment that will lead to selecting schools to which you will apply. We also offer practical workshops on preparing for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

Glenn Cummings, the director of the postbac program, will personally advise you, as often as needed, in all phases and aspects of the medical school admissions process. These aspects may include how to prepare your medical school applications, how to write your personal statements, how to select schools, and interview preparation. The director also writes a comprehensive and personal premedical committee letter for each student. Our staff will assemble your completed letters of recommendation for electronic transmittal to your selected medical school(s).