At the GSSWSR we work together to foster an environment of equity, inclusion and belonging.  In addition to required courses on Power, Privilege and Oppression and Trauma Informed Social Work, students are invited to connect with each other and with faculty to reflect on the dynamics of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism.  Through activities like our CONNECT program, Community Conversations and Open Dialogues, we encourage affirmative models of practice and application of social work values.  Instructors at the GSSWSR can participate in an Inclusive Teaching Consultation Group.  Workshops are offered on the Mindful Facilitation of Dialogue and other skill-based approaches infused with an understanding of DEI-AR.  Student groups and organizations are also encouraged to focus their work and activities in ways that support DEI-AR at the GSSWSR.

The GSSWSR supports Bryn Mawr’s institutional approach to focus on four main goals to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism.  These are: 1) Raising community understanding of structural racism, 2) Address structural issues and barriers to equity and inclusion, 3) Support thriving and belonging for all, and 4) Create

GSSWSR students also have the opportunity to participate in college-wide resources focused on DEI-AR such as the Pensby Center and additional resources for students, faculty and staff