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For Prospective Agencies

The Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research welcomes agencies interested in partnering with us as field placement sites.

Agencies seeking to provide a field placement must demonstrate the capacity to provide the following:

  • Compatibility of the agency's mission and philosophy of service with the values and ethics of the social work profession.
  • A sufficient number and variety of assignments to develop student knowledge and practice skill; supervised in-depth experiences with individuals, groups, families, organizations and/or communities;
  • Ample time for field instruction to permit individual and group (where appropriate) conferences with students;
  • Field instruction from individuals with a master’s degree in social work or an equivalent degree (such as an M.S.S.) from a CSWE accredited program with a minimum of 2 years post-master’s social work experience;
  • Adequate space and administrative resources to support student work; 
  • Congruence between the student’s field assignments and assignments in the practice course taken concurrently with the field placement.    

If you are interested in being considered as a prospective agency, please send an email to our Field Office with the Agency Contact’s name (First and Last) and email address.  We will then send you a link to fill out our Agency Application and to further update your agency’s information in our online Field Education system: Sonia. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to working with you.

Forms for Prospective Agencies


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