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Part-Time Program

The GSSWSR offers a three-year part-time program that can be completed with a combination of evening and weekend courses to meet the varying needs of our diverse student body.

Part-Time Program Overview

  • Courses will be offered in the evening and on Saturdays to accommodate part-time student availability.
    • Note: Should part-time students have availability during the day, they are able to enroll in daytime courses at the GSSWSR.
    • Students in the part-time program will be able to complete all program requirements but may not have access to all the elective content offered at the GSSWSR.
    • Financial Aid considerations require that students take at least two courses/term to be eligible for financial aid. Summer I and Summer II, together, equal "one term."
  • All required practice courses will be held in-person at the GSSWSR.
  • Students will take summer courses between their second and third year to complete the program. Summer courses meet twice per week. Each summer session (Summer I and Summer II) is five weeks long. 

Field Education Part-Time Plan

  • Field Education is added in Years 2 and 3. In Year 2, students are in field the equivalent of two full (7.5-hour) days/week; In Year 3, students are in field the equivalent of three full (7.5-hour) days/week. (Please see below: Two-day/week option in field.) 
    • Evening and weekend placements may be available but cannot be guaranteed. Applicants are admitted with the understanding that they must be available for field placements a minimum of fifteen hours/week during regular working hours (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.) as part of the two- or three-day/week requirement in field, and that the availability of a field placement occurring only during evening and/or weekend hours is not guaranteed.
    • For students employed in human service organizations, work-site placements may be possible if approved by the Field Education office.
    • Two-day/week option in field: Students may elect to carry out field placements two days/week in both Years 2 and 3. If so elected, the first year field placement would extend into June of Year 2, and the advanced year placement would begin in August of Year 3 and continue through late April.

Sample Part-Time M.S.S. Plan of Study

Year 1:

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Summer I and Summer II

Research Informed Practice I

Social Policy Foundations

Research Informed Practice II

Power, Privilege and Oppression


Year 2:

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Summer I and Summer II

Foundation Practice I

Theoretical Perspectives in SW I

Field Placement I

Foundation Practice II

Assessment (Clinical or Community)

Field Placement II

2 elective courses*

Year 3:

Fall Semester

Spring Semester


Advanced Practice I

Trauma Informed Social Work

Field Placement III


Advanced Practice II

Field Placement IV


*All students must take 3 electives during the M.S.S. program