GSSWSR student

M.S.S. Advanced Standing Curriculum

Advanced Standing students may receive transfer credit for up to six generalist courses plus two units of field instruction, contingent on completion of appropriate coursework with a grade of B or higher. In addition, an official transcript from the institution at which the courses were taken must be submitted along with syllabi and any other related materials.

All Advanced Standing students are required to take three electives to complete the M.S.S. degree program. 

Potentially Transferable Courses From B.S.W. Program

  • Foundation Practice I and II
  • Field Education I and II
  • Research Informed Practice I and II
  • Theoretical Perspectives in Social Work I
  • Social Policy Foundations

Sample Advanced Standing M.S.S. Plan of Study


  • Assessment and Psychopathology (if Clinical Social Work advanced specialization)
  • One Elective or
  • Power, Privilege and Oppression (required for all M.S.S. students and offered summer and spring semesters only)


  • Clinical Social Work I or Community Practice, Policy, and Advocacy I
  • Field Education III (three days a week)
  • Trauma Informed Social Work
  • One Elective
  • Any required generalist course for which transfer credit was not granted


  • Clinical Social Work II or Community Practice, Policy, and Advocacy II
  • Field Education IV (three days a week, continuing at the same placement as in the fall)
  • Assessment and Psychopathology (if not successfully completed in the summer - Clinical Social Work advanced specialization) or Community Assessment (Communities, Organizations, Policy, and Advocacy advanced specialization)
  • One Elective
  • Any required generalist course for which transfer credit was not granted


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