CFWB Fellowship

The CFWB Junior Fellowship is open to students in both the Clinical and the Communities, Organizations, Policy, and Advocacy (COPA) concentrations within the MSS program and is specifically designed to explore the integration of practice, research and policy as a way of deepening students’ capacity to work effectively with children and families across the life cycle.

Junior Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in an integrative seminar that meets five times during the academic year. Each of the integrative seminars is three-hours and held on Saturdays. The integrative seminar is an activity of the CFWB and not a course offered as part of the MSS curriculum. CWEL students are required to participate in the CFWB Junior Fellowship.

Full- and part-time students can apply to the fellowship program. Students who complete two years as a Junior Fellow will have this milestone noted on their academic transcript. Applications to the Junior Fellows program can be completed once students are accepted into the MSS program. Click here to complete the Junior Fellow application.

2022-2023  Fellowship Topic: The Impact of War and Political Violence on Children and Families with Special Focus on Factors Associated with Risk and Resilience. 

2021-2022 Fellowship Topic: An Exploration of Child/Adolescent Trauma Across Service Systems (e.g. Education, Mental Health, Health, Parental Health and Mental Health)

2020-2021 Fellowship Topic: The Intersection of Child and Family Wellbeing, COVID-19 and Social/Health Disparities Associated with Structural Inequity and Racism

2019-2020 Fellowship Topic: The Intersection of Trauma, Education, and Juvenile Justice

2018-2019 Fellowship Topic: Trauma Informed Social Work and Child Wellbeing: Global Perspectives

2017-2018 Fellowship Topic: ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences Studies)

2016-2017 Fellowship Topic: Trauma Informed Practice with children, adolescents, and families

2015-2016 Fellowship Topic: Juvenile Justice

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