Our Fellows gave us feedback on the Integrative Seminar and what they learned about Juvenile Justice, Trauma, and Children & Families.

  • “I have learned so much about how important it is to consider trauma experiences in all clients, and to remember that childhood events can cause such lingering effects.  Also that as a social worker, it is my responsibility to be the one to think of these things and try to investigate them.  This is of course a bit of pressure, but also a privilege to have the honor of working with people through some of life’s darkest moments”
  • "Looking through the trauma lens shows what children have been through.  It shouldn’t be a simple solution to just them into prisons”
  • "I feel juvenile courts were created for a reason and we should take the information we learned this year to help them.  I feel it opened my eyes to how we treat children vs. how we should treat them.”
  • “This was a very informative year in this seminar.  The trauma focus theme was very relevant to the work that I do.  One of the most interesting topics was understanding the development of the brain and the effects of trauma on the development of the brain”
  • “The speakers were tremendous in their knowledge of and work with those who have experienced trauma.  There was a wealth of information, readings and resources that will be useful in my job”
  • “How varied the experience and expression of trauma is for children and adolescents…what are their adaptive responses?  How can we ask the right questions to uncover trauma histories and/or current trauma?  Do we work through that trauma with their caregivers and families?”
  • “This seminar has opened my view and allowed me to see trauma and child welfare through a different lens.  I believe I am much more empathetic to behaviors of children and adults as is relates to how their childhood affects their present life”
  • “I’ve gained a greater appreciation of this field and the variety of career opportunities that are available to me with my increased understanding”
  • “This will help me in my social work practice once I return to my position (investigating child sexual abuse in Philadelphia).  The seminar has given me some ideas/frameworks to use when working with parents of children with trauma experiences.  In addition, I feel better prepared to work with teens and adolescents”
  • “Social workers can play a huge role in making sure that a person’s trauma responses and survival mechanisms are conceptualized as adaptive in many ways”
  • “We need to work towards a world where juvenile detention centers don’t exists.  One of the videos we watched had a person holding up a sign saying “Our Future is Behind Bars”.  We need to change this cultural narrative”