Interview Guide

Interview Guide

Preparing for the interview


  • Learn about different types of interview styles including behavior-based, conversation/fit-based, and job-specific interview styles.

Find out about interview day

  • To prepare for an interview, find out as much as possible about what to expect during the interview.  Questions to consider include: where will the interview be?  Is there any specific preparation work, such as preparing to deliver a presentation, present a case study, use Excel or SPSS?

Learn about the agency

  • Research the organization, its current needs, and how it functions.  Questions to consider include: Who leads the organization?  What does their website say?  Who do they serve?  Who are their peers?

Know your resume

  • It's critical to spend time reflecting on goals, strengths, and skills in order to discuss them succinctly. 

Prepare questions to ask 

  • The interview is also an opportunity to ask questions and interview the interviewer.  Think about structuring questions about the position, organization, hiring process, timelines, and substance of work.  For example, where do you think the organization is headed in the next five years?

During the Interview

Things to do

  • Be aware of body language and nonverbal communication

  • Frame responses positively, even if asked negatively

  • Thank the interviewer for their time

Things to avoid

  • Refer to problems finding the interview location
  • Make negative references to anyone

After the interview

  • Debrief
  • Send a thank-you letter
  • Keep alumni and other references who have advocated for you updated
  • Acknowledge and respond to job offers in a timely way 
  • Additional tips and interview checklist