Dr. Joan Berzoff
Posted March 26th, 2018
Please Join Us for the annual Anita D. Lichtenstein Lecture ft. Dr. Joan Berzoff. She will be lecturing on Maintaining a Biopsychosocial Perspective in Agency Based Practice.
Cindy Sousa - Health of Palestinians Inside and Outside the Occupied Palestinian Territory
Posted March 26th, 2018
Professor Sousa presented a paper at a Lancet-sponsored conference at the American University of Beirut focused on the Health of Palestinians Inside and Outside the Occupied Palestinian Territory.
Tia Burroughs
Posted March 16th, 2018
By promoting diversity in research and academia, a GSSWSR alumna aims to influence policy.
Ray Albert and Kim Cassidy
Posted March 8th, 2018
Albert has been a faculty member in the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research since 1980. The Helen Taft Manning award is given for valuable service to Bryn Mawr College.
Black and Brown Workers Cooperative Co-Founders Shani Akilah and Abdul-Aliy Muhammad
Posted February 23rd, 2018
The Scott Lecture Series, held by the Center for Child and Family Wellbeing, hosted co-founders Shani Akilah and Abdul-Aliy Muhammad from the Black and Brown Workers Cooperative on Feb. 20th, 2018.
Byers, Hreish and Fareed in Palestine
Posted December 21st, 2017
This winter break, David Byers and colleagues Anan Fareed and Khalid Hreish are working on a large qualitative study examining experiences and perspectives of Palestinian social work supervisors.
Posted December 19th, 2017
The LITS Teaching, Learning, and Research Leadership Team has agreed to support the GSSWSR’s proposal for “Capacity Building for Hybrid Curricular Offerings at the GSSWSR”.
Meagan Corrado
Posted December 18th, 2017
Corrado, M.S.S. '09, approaches clients via narrative intervention.
Darlyne Bailey
Posted December 8th, 2017
Darlyne Bailey, Professor and Dean Emeritus at the GSSWSR, has been selected as a Social Work Pioneer by the National Association of Social Workers Foundation.