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Faculty Publication: Assistant Professor of Social Work Kerry Lee

June 10, 2024
Kerry Lee

Artificial Neural Network Analysis Examining Substance Use Problems Co-Occurring with Anxiety and Depressive Disorders Among Adults Receiving Mental Health Treatment

Authors: Orrin D. Ware, Kerry A. Lee, Brianna Lombardi, Daniel L. Buccino, Jamey J. Lister, Eunsong Park, Kate Roberts, Anthony Estreet, Tonya Van Deinse, Hannah Neukrug, Amy Blank Wilson, Daejun Park, and Paul Lanier

Source: Journal of Dual Diagnosis, Pages: 1-12, DOI: 10.1080/15504263.2024.2357623, May 2024

Type of Publication: Journal Article


Objective: The co-occurrence of anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, and substance use problems was examined. 

Methods: The Mental Health Client-Level Data dataset was used to conduct logistic regression models and an artificial neural network analysis. Logistic regression analyses were conducted among adults with anxiety (n = 547,473) or depressive disorders (n = 1,610,601) as their primary diagnosis who received treatment in a community mental health center. The artificial neural network analysis was conducted with the entire sample (N = 2,158,074). 

Results: Approximately 30% of the sample had co-occurring high-risk substance use or substance use disorder. Characteristics including region of treatment receipt, age, education, gender, race and ethnicity, and the presence of co-occurring anxiety and depressive disorders were associated with the co-occurring high-risk substance use or a substance use disorder. 

Conclusions: Findings from this study highlight the importance of mental health facilities to screen for and provide integrated treatment for co-occurring disorders.