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Faculty Publication: Assistant Professor of Social Work Lisa Young Larance

April 10, 2024
Broken Book Cover by Lisa Young Larance

Broken: Women's Stories of Intimate and Institutional Harm and Repair

Author: Lisa Young Larance

Source: Series Editor: Claire Renzetti, University of California Press, August 2024

Type of Publication: Book

Abstract: In the US, the second-wave feminist fight to achieve legal and societal recognition of men’s violence against women leaned heavily on the victim-offender binary, which has since become inscribed in funding schemes, legal remedies, and intervention approaches. In Broken, scholar-practitioner Lisa Young Larance draws on her extensive in-depth qualitative inquiry and practice experience with women who have participated in antiviolence intervention to explain how this binary erases the trauma histories of those who both survive and cause harm. Calling for a more holistic conception of interpersonal violence, Broken illuminates the connections across race, class, and sexual orientation that facilitate women’s healing and repair.