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Faculty Publication: Assistant Professor of Social Work Rachel Speer

June 20, 2023
Rachel Speer

Parent–Worker Relationships in Home Visiting: Intersections of Parental Gender, Ethnicity, and Immigrant Status

Authors: Jangmin Kim, Jin Yao Kwan, Rachel Stephanie Speer, In Young Park, Jennifer L. Bellamy, Aaron Banman, Justin S. Harty, Neil B. Guterman

Source: Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services, DOI: 10.1177/10443894231156212, April 2023

Type of Publication: Article

Abstract: Despite home visiting’s established legacy, the potential influence of intersecting parental characteristics on parent–worker relationships is less understood. This study examines the main and interaction effects of parents’ demographic characteristics on positive relationships with workers in home visiting and compares whether and how these effects differ between fathers and mothers. This study analyzed 130 mothers and 180 fathers who participated in home visiting services. Immigrant status was a significant predictor of positive worker relationships for mothers and fathers, whereas ethnicity was only significant for fathers. Interaction analyses indicated that U.S.-born Hispanic/Latinx fathers faced greater challenges in building positive worker relationships than their foreign-born counterparts. These findings highlight the importance of developing gender-specific and culturally responsive strategies to enhance parent–worker relationships.

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