Faculty Publication: Professor Emeritus of Social Work James Martin

March 9, 2023

Military Social Work in the US Armed Forces with a Focus on Service Members and Military Organizations

Authors: Jeffrey S. Yarvis, Nickalous Korbut, James A. Martin

Source: Military Social Work Around the Globe

Publication Type: Book Chapter

Abstract: US military social workers have a vital role in influencing the social-psychological well-being of service members and their families by addressing multifaceted emotional, medical, and communal issues associated with military duties and service life. This chapter examines the origin of military social work in the US armed services and looks at the various roles performed by today’s uniformed social workers across a spectrum of settings, from large medical centers to austere operational environments. Crucial in understanding today’s uniformed military social worker’s roles and responsibilities is an understanding of the complex challenges and ethical dilemmas presented by current military missions, performed in a wide range of operational environments. In each situation, the military social worker is focused on sustaining the readiness of the nation’s most precious resource, service members, and their families.