Katie King


Katie is a licensed clinical social worker who has over a decade of experience providing clinical support to various populations and has intensive training in providing trauma-informed and trauma-focused services to children and families, in particular.  Katie received her Master of Social Work (clinical concentration) and Master of Public Health (global health concentration) from Temple University.  Katie has integrated her passion for trauma-informed care as an adjunct instructor at Bryn Mawr College, and in her current positions supporting qualitative research studies on trauma-informed care perspectives of homeless services staff and child and family wellbeing in the context of climate change. Katie‚Äôs research interests center on examining the intersection of childhood trauma, childhood wellbeing, and climate change.    

Research and Scholarly Interests

  • Childhood trauma and the brain/ neuroscience
  • Climate change and child wellbeing, particularly mental health consequences
  • Social and Ecological Determinants of Health, and the Eco-social approach
  • Environmental racism and environmental justice
  • Development/delivery of climate change-specific interventions for children and families