Winter 2017


Course's Focus: Waves of Power

Anthropologist has found sound as worthy of study as text or images.

A Brief History of Water

Ancient beyond measure, Earth’s water is literally from another world.

Study of Languages in Limbo?

Framework of approach, requirements at Bryn Mawr have evolved over time.

Stories of Art and Revolution

Ph.D. candidate tells the story of Mexican modernism in age of civil war.

Discovering They Had the Right Stuff

When did you know that you’d made the right choice in coming to Bryn Mawr?

A Mawrter for a Cause (or Two)

Farida Ilboudo ’18 sees study of education as a path to give back.

Inauguration 1913, Marching in 2017

Then and now, Mawrters fighting for womens rights.

For Starters: Winter 2017

Giving back. Growing connections. Catching those moments.