Spring 2019

Transplant graphic

The Patient Will Live

After a transplant, recipient and donor adjust beautifully.


The Once and Future Bryn Mawr

A senior ponders heritage, change, and nostalgia for what will be.


Your Best Memory of Dining Hall Fare?

Alumnae/i shed light on why Dining Services has made Princeton Review’s Top 10 for 11 years running.


The Perfect Spy

When the war came, two Mawrters traded excavation for espionage.


Owls In Athens

Bryn Mawr and the American School of Classical Studies.

Sangeun Lee

'I Was One of Them'

Social Work doctoral student looks to improve health care for immigrants.

President Kim Cassidy

Going Above and Beyond

Staff members play critical roles in Bryn Mawr community.


A Word from the Author

A Q&A with Artemis Leontis.


Revisiting the Eternal Labyrinth

A special space for campus reflection and contemplation turns 20