Defining My Identity

Africa was the antidote to the alienation of my being the College’s last “only Colored girl.”


The Same Black Threat

Most of my vivid memories live in the moments at Perry House we shared.


An Optimistic Outlook

Bryn Mawr was my first real opportunity at free thought.

The Black Alumnae/i Fund

Since the relaunch of the Fund in October, it has exceeded its initial goal of raising $10,000.


1969 Lanterns, Owls, and All

How frustrating that “special issues” like these are still necessary.

The Life of the Mind

"I viewed myself as having to overcome disadvantages that might hinder my success."


We Will Not Settle

An Interview with Aaliyah Joseph '22.

Revisiting Bryn Mawr

"After I left the College, both race and gender became primary causes for me as a divorced Black woman navigating the corporate world."


Tree is Me: Self-Portrait

Trees are symbols of knowledge, strength, and endurance.


Paradoxes, Miseries…Not for Trade

I was an outlander and have so remained.