The Life of the Mind

"I viewed myself as having to overcome disadvantages that might hinder my success."


We Will Not Settle

An Interview with Aaliyah Joseph '22.

Revisiting Bryn Mawr

"After I left the College, both race and gender became primary causes for me as a divorced Black woman navigating the corporate world."


Tree is Me: Self-Portrait

Trees are symbols of knowledge, strength, and endurance.


Paradoxes, Miseries…Not for Trade

I was an outlander and have so remained.


Challenging My Beliefs

Doesn’t everyone deserve to be loved?

All of Earth's Children

"I cry in love and compassion for all of Earth’s children, and I pray for them too!"

Black at Bryn Mawr: a Timeline

The work of many students, faculty and staff made it possible to construct this timeline, which is based on information currently available.


The Myth of the Monolith

Alumnae/i from across generations share evolving stories of being Black at BMC.


Reclaiming My Voice

Eat the meat and spit the bone.