In Our Words

In conjunction with Project Mawrter, we’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a Mawrter and how Bryn Mawr is unique.


Only in New York

A new look at American folk art places the Big Apple at the core of production.


On Reading

For these Mawrters, autobiography begins with books.

Sing the Body Electric

'Poet of the Body' Exhibition Curated by Whitman Scholar Karen Karbiener, M.A. '90

Medieval Philadelphia

The Friends of the Bryn Mawr College Libraries provides critical support for internships, exhibitions, programs, and special projects.

In the Digital Archives

Now, thanks to the power of the internet—and a host of cross-institutional collaborations—researchers near and far can have easy access to Bryn Mawr's extensive collections.

It's Magic

Julien Suaudeau is a novelist and filmmaker.

Sanam Sheriff '18

In the Beat of a Heart

A senior's unforgettable welcome to new first-year students.

Transplant graphic

The Patient Will Live

After a transplant, recipient and donor adjust beautifully.


The Once and Future Bryn Mawr

A senior ponders heritage, change, and nostalgia for what will be.