Students Crossing the Landscape

Border Stories in 360° Focus

Courses give students an up-close look at migration in different contexts.

Math Professor Erica Graham

Doing the Math on Medicine

Bryn Mawr professor and alumna looks at reproductive hormone regulation.

Code with symbols

'Codes and Ciphers' Puts Students to Test

Math course offers insight into creating and solving secret messages.

Sarah Jones

An Opportunity for Transcendence

Playwright Sarah Jones '95 brings cast of characters back to her alma mater.

Illustration: female figure exiting horizon

Stories of Reflecting and Reconnecting

Three women rebuild their lives after events upend their best-laid plans.

Ice Cream

What I Know Now

What advice would you give to your younger self or a first-year student?

Cover of the Winter 2017 Alumnae Bulletin

What Do You Think of Our New Look?

We asked, and you answered—with a record number of letters about the new Bulletin.

Facing Up to Factories of Failure

Youth prisons reinforce the most negative aspects of young people's developing personalities.

Graduate Leigh Schaefer ’13

The Big Bang Theory

Leigh Schaefer ’13 is now working at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

Are You Good?

Two Bryn Mawr undergraduates take a cross-cultural look at moral licensing.