A lantern discovered at Wyck House.

An Old Lantern and a Mawrter Mystery

Mariel Rosati ’08 and Hannah McMillan ’19 investigate.

Yasmine Nahim

Teens' Challenges Are Research Focus

Yasmine Nahim ’18 studies role of ethnicity in Korean adolescents well-being.

Leah Baer ’19

Student Brings History to Life

Leah Baer ’19 spent the summer as an interpreter at Gettysburg.

Leonhard Euler

Bridging History and Math

Bill Dunham uncovers a bit of Bryn Mawr lore.

Meagan Corrado

Storiez is Social Work in Action

Meagan Corrado, M.S.S. '09, approaches clients via narrative intervention.

Ankitha Kannad keeping bees

Students Sustain a Community Garden

For co-coordinator and others, work means gardening, organizing—and bees.

Bryn Mawr chop

Personality Spans Eras with Styles

"The Bob" and "The Chop" offer distinctive looks, yesterday and today.

Janet Shapiro

Shapiro Takes On a New Role

The GSSWSR welcomes a veteran professor as its new dean.

Perry Garden in Bloom

For Starters: Summer 2017

An unveiling. Achievement. Exploration. And a vital campaign.

Using Phone and Laptop

The Wired Academic

With help from a quintet of graduate students, digital technologies are transforming scholarship.