Kristal Sotomayor '17

To Call It Home

Kristal Sotomayor ’17 brings "the tradition of Bryn Mawr fearlessness" to her filmmaking.

Jacqueline Cahill, M.S.S. ’18 and Jim Alderfer, M.S.S. ’17.

Making a Change to Make a Difference

Prospective grad students introduced to social work curriculum and more.

Joy Rukanzakanza '19

Reaching Out in Zimbabwe

Joy Rukanzakanza ’19, a 2016 recipient of the Davis Projects for Peace Prize, facilitates access to education.

Marianne Moore with Baseball

The Poet and the Pitch

Marianne Moore, Class of 1909, garnered fame as a poet—and a baseball fan.

Art and the Intellect

Mariam Souali talks with the Bulletin about the interplay between her academic study and her artwork.

Lindsey Marinello

Student Reaching for the Stars

She's already founded two student engineering-focused groups.

Katharine Hepburn '28

For Starters: Spring 2017

Artistry. Protest. Empowerment. And a focus on the future.

Mark Castro

Stories of Art and Revolution

Ph.D. candidate tells the story of Mexican modernism in age of civil war.

A Mawrter for a Cause (or Two)

Farida Ilboudo ’18 sees study of education as a path to give back.

Mawrters Marching 1913

Inauguration 1913, Marching in 2017

Then and now, Mawrters fighting for womens rights.