Powerful Resources

Bryn Mawr College is able to offer competitive funding opportunities to its selected group of graduate students. Research-intensive graduate study is supported by excellent resources and facilities provided by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and individual departments. Bryn Mawr's graduate group structure coordinates departments and grants additional support to enable interdisciplinary collaboration.

Graduate students in the Graduate Group of Science and Mathematics have access to a range of laboratory facilities that promote collaborative and independent research in their respective fields. The extensive collection Lois and Reginald Collier Science Libraryserves the hub for academic research in mathematics and the sciences at the college.

Students within the Graduate Group of Graduate Group in Archaeology, Classics, and History of Art are based within the award-winning Rhys Carpenter Library, which specializes in Archaeology, Classics, and History of Art. Graduate students in GGACHA take advantage of Carpenter's unique carrel system, where shared space and ease of access to library resources fosters a graduate community with a strong culture of collaboration. Students in GGACHA have the opportunity to coordinate closely with Bryn Mawr College Special Collections which houses extensive collections of art, artifacts, rare books and manuscripts, photographs, and historical records of the college and sponsors curatorial internships. Graduate group members benefit from weekly colloquia in Classics and Archaeology and from the Center for Visual Culture.