Renewing Financial Support

Information for Continuing Students

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) offers many forms of financial support, including Fellowships, Teaching Assistantships, Graduate Assistantships, Tuition Awards, Health Insurance Subsidy, and Supplemental Summer Support (SSRF and RA). A Dean’s Fellowship, to be designated for students during their final year of dissertation writing or to help support minority students, is available in each of the six programs admitting new students. The two competitive named fellowships, Doris Sill Carland Fellowship and Marguerite N. Farley Fellowship, are also open to students in all six GSAS programs, each with its specific criteria. In addition, various discipline-specific endowed fellowships are available for students who meet the award criteria. 

Please read the descriptions of awards available in your program:

Archaeology, Classics, and History of Art

Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics

Things to Keep in Mind

The Graduate Schools, under the oversight of the Graduate Council, has a policy of approving up to seven years of GSAS financial support, including tuition waivers, in order to encourage the timely completion of the Ph.D. degree.

All continuing students in the Graduate Group in Archaeology, Classics, and History of Art (GGACHA) must complete a GSAS financial support application each year, even if holding a fellowship that is guaranteed for multiple years. Please click here for more information on deadlines and application form. 

The continuing students in the Graduate Group in Science and Mathematics do not need to complete a financial support application unless they are interested in the Helen Schaeffer Huff Memorial Research Fellowship.

Tuition Waivers

Tuition waivers (in the form of Course Units, Units of Supervised Work, and Continuing Enrollment) are a form of financial support and must be included in your yearly application for financial support. They also must match your registration for the semester in which they are intended. If you register differently from your award, a bill will be generated for those units that have not been awarded to you. If a change is needed after an award has been made, the Director of Graduate Studies in your department should contact the GSAS office on your behalf. Click to learn more about GSAS tuitions.

Supplemental Summer support Application

GSAS Travel/Research Funds

GSAS Students may apply for up to $1000 each academic year from the GSAS office to cover some of the costs of travel to present at conferences or further their research. Please click here for more information. 

External Funding

Graduate students in recent years have also won external support for their studies. Others have arranged part-time or full-time study while working in industrial positions where the employer-provided tuition support or partial stipend support. Advanced graduate students have also been supported through faculty research grants from the NSF. Click the link below to learn more information about outside support.

external Funding