Finance Key Contacts

For information about… Contact
Student accounts and billing
Tuition payment plans and account refunds
Student loan repayment
Form 1098-T (tuition statement)
Amy Berry, Carrise Mangano and Trish Rutecki 610-526-5500
Gateway 3rd floor

Faculty, staff, and student payroll processing and payroll record maintenance schedules

Megan Radomicki  610-526-5267
Gateway 3rd floor

Form W-2 and Form 1042-S
Payroll tax activities
Maintain PeopleSoft Payroll Module
Payroll general ledger tax and liability accounts
Payroll reports

Christine Eigenbrot 610-526-5252
Gateway 3rd floor

Invoice Payments
Reimbursements and Honorariums
Student Fellowship payments
Form 1099

Lisa T Le 610-526-5258
Gateway 3rd floor

College credit card administration
(card/user requests/changes, training)

College credit card allocation process

Donna MacIntosh  610-526-5268
Gateway 3rd floor

Lisa T Le 610-526-5258
Gateway 3rd floor

Consortium, Shipping, Travel contract discounts
Purchase or sale of College assets
State Sales Tax

E-Market catalogs and purchases
Request New Supplier
Form W-9

Donna MacIntosh  610-526-5268
Gateway 3rd floor

Donna MacIntosh 610-526-5268
Gateway 3rd floor

Budget adjustments and budget information Mike Chaplinski  610-526-5664
Taylor 3rd floor
Financial Systems Access
Financial Edge training
Journal entries

Patricia Szybowski  610-526-5262
Gateway 3rd floor

Restricted grants and endowed funds Tijana Stefanovic  610-526-5632
Gateway 3rd floor

Departmental cash deposits - Petty cash
Faculty grant accounting and reporting

Shawn C. Jackson  610-526-5251
Gateway 3rd floor
Faculty mortgage program
Form 1098 (mortgage interest)
Elaine Tang  610-526-5256
Gateway 3rd floor

College insurance

Sakinah Rahman 610-526-7965
Taylor 3rd floor
College Financial Statements
Forms 990 and 990T
Tijana Stefanovic  610-526-5632
Gateway 3rd floor
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