Financial Systems Access

The College has three financial systems for which various types of access can be granted. You may use a single request form to request a new user account be created for one, two, or all three systems.  Consult with your supervisor (department head) about your job responsibilities and access you will need prior to completing the form.

  • Request a Financial Edge account to view financial reports via BiONiC, view financial records, create custom reports, and prepare journal entries. 
  • Request an E-Market account to purchase products and services, request payment for invoices, approve purchases and invoices. 
  • Request a Credit Card Program account to obtain a College credit card to pay for travel and entertainment expenses, allocate and approve card expenses.

Complete a Financial Systems Access request formTo complete the request form do the following:

  • Open the form and save as a PDF.  Users who have an issue accessing this form should email
  • Then complete the PDF version of the form electronically and save.
  • Have your direct supervisor email the completed form to
  • You will receive an email for each account that has been created.

If you already have a user account in a system and need to request additional access you normally will not need to complete a request form.