FAQs about the Program

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Program Details

The Bryn Mawr Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program is designed for individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree with an excellent academic record, yet lack the prerequisite science courses needed for admission to medical school.


Our program is for "career changers."  We do not offer a program for those looking to enhance their grades in previous premed courses.  Please see here for general information about the different types of posbac premed programs available across the country.  

The Postbac program is a one-year program beginning in late May through the following May. 

Postbacs start our program during summer school with General Chemistry (unless they have already taken one year of chemistry as an undergraduate). During the following fall and spring semesters, postbacs will take Biology, Physics, and Biological Organic Chemistry (with labs). Students can take an optional Biochemistry course the following May. Students will take the MCAT in the spring or early summer.

Our staff will guide you every step of the way, from enrollment to the postbac program through your application to medical school. This includes: personal advising; step-by-step workshops on the medical school admissions process; help with the process of self-assessment that will lead to selecting schools to which you will apply; preparation for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT); and a comprehensive, personal premedical committee letter written for each student.

Although the vast majority of the postbac premedical science lecture classes are geared specifically for postbac students, some laboratory sections may include postbacs and undergraduate students.

In recent years we have offered a live, individualized, online prep course for the MCAT presented by Kaplan Test Prep.  All courses start in the spring semester after a bulk of the relevant coursework has been taken, and postbacs can choose their own time period for a course depending upon their goals. The course combines 700 hours of total instruction and practice—including 12 weekly live classes with the same instructor—with 15 full-length practice tests, the complete subject review set of books, and more.  We also schedule at least one full-length practice test on campus in May so that everyone comes together in one of our computer labs to go through the exam experience together. 

Although most postbac students pursue medical school, the core science courses in our postbac curriculum also prepare students for dental school, and cover a majority of the admissions requirements for veterinary school and other health professional schools.

Yes.  Bryn Mawr College has elected to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. For more information about Veteran's Benefits and the Yellow Ribbon Program, please see our financial aid page dedicated to postbac students.