HSV Program Information

The HSV courses and workshops will be using the synchronous virtual classroom method for the 2022-2023 AY.

Bryn Mawr's HSV program requires the completion of four graduate courses, a school-based practicum, three Professional Development HSV workshops, and an Integrative Seminar. The following approved graduate courses are offered through Bryn Mawr College GSSWSR. If courses are taken in fall-spring sequence, the academic requirements for the Certificate can be completed within one academic year. 

HSV Courses and Workshops

Graduate Level Courses:

  • B571D Education Law for School Social Workers: master's course pertaining to Constitutional as well as Pennsylvania school law; scheduled on Wednesday evenings in fall term (seven weeks, 1/2 unit)
  • B570D Public Education Issues in School Social Work Practice: master's course pertaining to the integration of the practice of social work within the unique context of the public educational system in Pennsylvania; scheduled on Wednesday evenings in fall term (seven weeks, 1/2 unit)
  • B561 Perspectives on Special Education: master's course pertaining specifically to social work issues related to diverse learners; scheduled in spring term on Wednesday evenings (1 unit).
  • Elective (graduate level) pertaining to treatment of children and adolescents: Master's level course (1 unit = 4 credit hours).
    The elective must incorporate significant content pertaining to the treatment of children and adolescents within the context of individual, family or group work.
    Examples of approved BMC GSSWSR courses are: Assessment/Psychopathology (1 unit); Family Therapy: Theory and Practice (1 unit); Group Treatment (1 unit); Clinical SW Practice w/ Children and Adolescents (1 unit); Social Work Trauma and the Arts (1 unit); Trauma Informed Social Work with Children and Adolescents (1 unit); and Trauma Informed Social Work (1 unit).
  • Cultural Awareness Course:
    • Bryn Mawr College GSSWSR students satisfy this requirement within the M.S.S. program by taking B540 Power Privilege and Oppression course.
    • M.S.W. (post-masters) graduates:  The Home and School Visitor Certificate program assumes that M.S.W. graduates of CSWE accredited institutions have satisfied the cultural awareness requirement set forth in their degree programs. Transcript required to validate.
      • Note: Post-master's applicants who do not possess an M.S.W. can either
        • Enroll in Bryn Mawr's B540 Multiculturalism course;
        • Request transfer credit consideration for a course they feel is equivalent (syllabus required for consideration); or
        • Discuss other alternatives with the Certifying Officer of the HSV Program.

Note: Each Bryn Mawr master's unit is the equivalent of four semester hours.
Each half master's unit is the equivalent of two semester hours.
Professional Development courses offer continuing education (CE) credit only.

HSV Integrative Seminar:

  • B577 HSV Integrative Seminar ​​is a non-credit supervisory seminar for HSV students. Through didactic instruction and case presentation and review, the seminars focus on the individual student’s integration of social work practice into the unique context of the public educational system in Pennsylvania. 
    • Sessions (12) are scheduled on specific Wednesday evenings during the fall and spring terms immediately following the Wednesday evening HSV-required master's classes. Attendance at a minimum of nine of the 12 sessions is required.
    • Transfer credit for this requirement will not be considered.

School-Based Field Practicum:

  • Bryn Mawr College GSSWSR students work with the Field Education Office to secure a school-based field placement. MSS students must satisfy field education hours as outlined in their program.
  • Post-masters HSV students are required to have a supervised field practicum that includes a minimum of 375 hours in a school setting; performing Home and School Visitor responsibilities that entail working with students and their families as well as teachers and other support staff.
    • The post-master's HSV student Field Supervisor should hold a LSW license or similar and preferably a PDE Education Specialist certification.

HSV Workshops: (see workshop webpage for times)

HSV Transfer / Waiver Credit

Graduate courses and field experiences will be evaluated on the basis of their content and their reflection of current standards. To be considered for transfer credit, courses must have been completed within five years of the transfer credit request and been awarded a grade of B or above, and should demonstrate course content pertaining to accommodations and adaptations for students with disabilities as well as English language learners.

Transfer Credit

  • Transfer credit will be considered for master's courses upon the receipt of an official graduate transcript and supporting course syllabus for each transfer credit request.
  • Students requesting transfer credit for a course to be completed through another academic institution must first submit the syllabus for that course for approval prior to enrolling in the course.

Waiver Credit

  • Waiver credit will be considered for a field practicum experience (minimum 375 hours) completed within five years of the waiver request in one of the following ways:
    • completion through another graduate institution field placement
    • completion in school-based employment
  • Waiver credit requests must include the Field Instructor/Supervisor Evaluation form

Note: Each Bryn Mawr master's unit is the equivalent of four semester hours. Each half master's unit is the equivalent of two semester hours. Life or previous work experience separate from the above guidelines will not be considered for course credit.

HSV Tuition and Fees

Application Fee

$25.00: Application Fee

Administrative Fees

$300: students who complete program while enrolling in fewer than two Bryn Mawr graduate level courses
$800: students who complete program while transferring in all graduate level academic requirements

Administrative Fees are assessed at time of completion of academic requirements.

Financial Aid

  • ​Financial Aid is available for matriculated students
  • Financial Aid is not available for non-matriculated students

Academic Course / Workshop Tuition

  • Graduate Courses
    • Education Law for School SWs  graduate course (1/2 master's unit*)  |  $2,540
    • Public Education Issues in School SW  |  graduate course (1/2 master's unit*)  |  $2,540
    • Perspectives in Special Education  |  graduate course (1 master's unit*)  |  $5,080
    • Elective pertaining to treatment of children/adolescents  |  graduate course (1 master's unit*)  |  $5,080
    • HSV Integrative Seminar  |  graduate course (no credit, but required)  |  No Charge
    • HSV Field Instruction |  (1 master's unit*)  |  $5,080
      • HSV Field Instruction for non-matriculated: see Transfer and Waiver Credit options for this requirement.
  • Professional Development Workshops
    • English Language Learners  ProDev workshop (CEU credit)  |  $250
    • Psychological Testing for School SWs  |  ProDev workshop (CEU credit)  |  $250
    • Education Law Expanded  |  ProDev workshop (CEU credit)  |  $250


  • Course fees are based on Bryn Mawr College 2022-2023 Academic Year guidelines. 
  • The above fees are subject to change for 2023-2024 academic year.
  • Matriculated student graduate course fees listed above are included in the current Bryn Mawr MSS/HSV curriculum and do not carry additional fees for those students.