A Happy Fellowship

"Here I have found a place for myself. I feel I am not just a part of a piece of machinery."

May Day circa 1936

A May Day Menagerie

Animals once played important role in tradition.

Emily Balch

A Woman of Peace

A graduate of Bryn Mawr's first class, Emily Green Balch never shied from her calling.

A lantern discovered at Wyck House.

An Old Lantern and a Mawrter Mystery

Mariel Rosati ’08 and Hannah McMillan ’19 investigate.

Bryn Mawr chop

Personality Spans Eras with Styles

"The Bob" and "The Chop" offer distinctive looks, yesterday and today.

Marianne Moore with Baseball

The Poet and the Pitch

Marianne Moore, Class of 1909, garnered fame as a poet—and a baseball fan.

Mawrters Marching 1913

Inauguration 1913, Marching in 2017

Then and now, Mawrters fighting for womens rights.