Bryn Mawr's Loss

After being forced out of Bryn Mawr, Jessie Redmon Fauset helped shape the Harlem Renaissance.


For Love of Erdman

Justine Stiftel ’20 interrogates the dorm that architects love—and Mawrters debate.


The Emperor and the Mawrter

American librarian, author, and Quaker tutored heir to Chrysanthemum Throne.


A Good Heart and Endurance

Alumna from the Class of 1896 sought adventure in high places.


The Perfect Spy

When the war came, two Mawrters traded excavation for espionage.

From Japan to Bryn Mawr and Back

When Umeko Tsuda (Class of 1890) returned home from Bryn Mawr, she dedicated herself to the cause of Japanese women’s education by founding Tsuda College (now Tsuda University).

Merion Hall

The Haunting

Does a ghost inhabit the third floor of Bryn Mawr's oldest dorm?

A Happy Fellowship

"Here I have found a place for myself. I feel I am not just a part of a piece of machinery."

May Day circa 1936

A May Day Menagerie

Animals once played important role in tradition.

Emily Balch

A Woman of Peace

A graduate of Bryn Mawr's first class, Emily Green Balch never shied from her calling.