Fall 2019


Jamila Ghazi '20

"My Bryn Mawr education will not end with graduation. It is an identity I will hold forever."

Going Green

Two Mawrters share a vision for a sustainable future.

Ask Becky

Unraveling the mysteries of the network and LinkedIn.


News from the Campaign

Poised to Smash the Goal


Melika Atic '04

"Everything that I am has defied expectation."


We'll Meet Again

In 2019, Marguerite Frost ’46 wrote the story of how she met an RAF navigator-in-training while she was at Bryn Mawr.

Affirming a Commitment to Inclusivity

Concrete measures and important work.


Dear Teecher

In her Bryn Mawr years, the great war correspondent Martha Gellhorn ’30 forged a lifelong friendship with one of her teachers: the poet and playwright Hortense Flexner.


Homage to Catalonia

Spanish Professor Rosi Song takes a look at the food and song of one of Spain's most beloved cities.



Exploring material cultures and the life of things.